Universal Shade Arm. Fits most digital cameras. Accurate shades, porfitable practice

You can't make the right shade until you take the right shade! The New Universal Shade ARM is the premier Precision Shade Taking Instrument

Universal Shade Arm

The New Shade ARM (Accurate Reliable Measurement) provides precision, consistency and predictability in taking digital dental images for shade determination. By holding the shade tabs constant, the distance, angle, position and lighting of your digital dental pictures is locked in. Precision consistency and predictability in taking a tooth shade it just a click away with the new Universal Shade ARM.

This device provides a consistent camera to shade tab relationship. The precise distance, angle, position and lighting are achieved every time!

Just Three Easy Steps:

  • Snaps onto your digital dental camera to the quick disconnect. Adjust the shade tab holder one time
  • Rest the gauge against the chin
  • Get the tooth you want in view and just push the shutter

The Universal Shade ARM is adjustable to fit most digital cameras. In order for the Universal Shade ARM to properly work, your camera must be able to take dental quality pictures.

Finally, it’s simple to get accurate shades...

Dentist reviews:

"You’ve solved my problem with the black and white glare. All I have to do is line up the camera to the tooth and shoot."

"I have found that I take fewer photos. At the most I’ll take two for each shade tab. I feel like using the ARM is cheating but I’ll get over it."

"Finding a way to have two shade tabs in the shot while keeping all other variables consistent is pure genius."