Press on DLC

ImageCentrik, DLC's newest product, is now featured on a Dentistry Today article written by Martin B. Goldstein, D.M.D. and the blogs of John C. Flucke, D.D.S. and Larry Emmott, D.D.S.. See what these experts are saying about our state-of-the-art imaging software by clicking their links!

"ImageCentrik (IC) might be "just what the digital doctor ordered." It is brought to us by Dental Learning Centers, who also happen to market a tidy little dental photography kit (DentalFoto) as well, based on the Canon G11 previously discussed. IC is the new kid on the block. In a nutshell it's patient and lab presentation software. If you can imagine taking a program as complex as PowerPoint (Microsoft) and one as tricky as Photoshop (Adobe), merging them and at the same time simplifying the use of each for dentistry, then you'd begin to have an idea of what IC is all about."

-Martin B. Goldstein Click here.

.PDF copy of Digital Photography Update: 2010 by Martin B. Goldstein, D.M.D. in Dentistry Today

"Let's face it, there are a ton of image editing software programs out there. Some are great, some are so-so. What I think sets this one apart is the interface and ease of use. If you are looking for a way to make you photos editing easy, take a look at ImageCentrik."

-John C. Flucke, D.D.S. Click here.

"For those dentists that want an easy to use out of the box program that automatically creates professional looking presentations ImageCentrik comes with all that built in. On the other hand for those dentists who want to use their own language and create presentations that utilize logos, colors and other practice branding ImageCentrik can do that as well."

-Larry Emmott, D.D.S. Click here.