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Are Intraoral Cameras useful in Communicating Shade?

I recently met up with my good friend, James Gallagher, on the empty exhibitor floor at the Greater NY Dental Meeting. Hurricane Sandy, kept attendance down. James, located in Boston, works for Digital Doc Intraoral Cameras. He said that he is IOCsometimes asked if Intraoral Cameras are capable of taking meaningful shades.  My initial response was no but how often do we use conjecture as opposed to really knowing the truth. I decided to get an objective answer.

To accomplish this, we compared an Intraoral camera picture of his teeth with a nice point and shoot digital camera (The DentalFoto Canon G12)  http://www.dlcenters.com/systems.php

We analyzed both pictures in a computerized Shade program called ClearMatch. This program objectively determines shade.

Digital Doc is one of the best, if not the best intraoral camera, BUT it fell short for shade communication. The images file size, 640 x 480 = 91k,  is small and does not provide enough detail for any practical shade communication. Intraoral cameras do a good job of showing the appearance of cracked teeth but not shade. The digital camera has resolution of 2816 x 2112 = 1,500k

In conclusion, use a digital camera for shade communication not an intraoral camera.


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