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Cameras for dental photography – Choosing a camera

There are similarities, tradeoffs; advantages and disadvantages to both classes of today’s cameras: the Digital SLR and Point-and-Shoot.

(NOTE: only a few Point-and-Shoot cameras have been adapted to work for dental photography. The DentalFoto System uses the Canon G11, has a custom made lens and is pre-programmed for dental photography. Free phone training with purchase or in-office workshops www.dlcenters.com, 425-557-7788)

The digital SLR has greater depth of field and requires a ring flash.  BUT it is…

  • Heavy and awkward
  • Takes two people to make images (one holding the camera the other steadying the camera).
  • Not easy to see through (squinting with one eye through a small viewing hole).

Point and shoot cameras like the Canon G11 are easier to master than an SLR and they are light in weight (16 ounces) enabling one person to take images. Also, the G11 has a large viewing LCD at almost 3 inches in diameter. That is much easier on the eyes!

DSLR Point & Shoot
Greater Depth of Field
Raw Pictures Canon G11
Weight 4 lbs (two hand operation) 16 oz (single hand operation)
# Of People to Take Pictures Two People One person
Ring Flash
Through the Lens (TTL)
LCD View Finder
Focusing Manual Automatic
Cost $2,500 $1,595
Video capability/Audio Notes
Ease of Use

Both systems are capable of taking very good pictures and both have limitations and strengths. Decisions should be made based on those advantages and disadvantages and the commitment from the staff to learn how to use the camera and take clinic-appropriate pictures. My experience says ease of use favors the point and shoot camera.

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