Dental Foto - VELscope Camera System

DentalFoto VELscope Camera Connection

Oral mucosa screening never looked better than with the new DentalFoto connected to you VELscope camera. There are unique challenges to making low light dental images and Dental Learning Centers has the solution.

The challenges:

  • Low or no external light
  • Low VELscope light emitted at a limited frequency
  • Matching a camera's lens diameter to the small diameter of the VELscope eyepiece
  • Securely adapting the camera to the VELscope with optimized magnification

We rejected using the large, digital SLR cameras because:

  • They are heavy and awkward
  • The lens diameter didn't match that of the VELscope (25 mm versus 60 mm) further reducing the available light
  • An additional computer processing step had to be done to take grossly underexposed black pictures and artificially increasing the exposure

With the DentalFoto camera adapter we provide:

  • The best suited dental camera for low light photography
  • The optimal settings
  • Our proprietary camera adapter which attaches firmly to the eyepiece
  • The ability to document cases by either still dental images or video

"DLC's DentalFoto approach to VELscope photography neatly addresses the challenge of recording what one sees through their VELscope. Easily obtained diagnostic quality images (including video) as well as a user friendly form factor render this method of VELscope photography worthy of your consderation."

– Martin B. Goldstein DMD
Contributing Editor, Dentistry Today

Velscope is a product of LED Dental